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November 16, 2014

I have walked away from the birthday party unscathed, no sick kids, and my house somewhat back to its original form. As I tiptoed over comatose bodies scattered all over my living room and game room floors this morning I was conjuring up breakfast ideas to feed all the hungry hooligans that would soon be arising. I opted for the easiest choice and made my way to the donut store to load up on sugary treats (hey, they were all going to be heading out the door back to their parents soon). The energy that was pulsating out of my house when I returned was felt even as I pulled into the driveway. Music was blaring as 6,7,8,12, &13-year-old girls had awoken and commenced to throw a house party in the short 20 minutes while I was away.

After feeding all the giggling, bed haired, pajama wearing females another brilliant idea came to mind (I seemed to be full of them this morning) why not have them use all their new found sugary boost of energy to help clean the disaster area that has now become my house as well as my garage and back yard. After a short period later and four trash bags full of garbage, all was semi-back to normal. Most of the children’s parents had picked them up and only my girls and my niece were left.

I put the vacuum cleaner away, wiped the last of the counters, pressed start on the dishwasher, and loaded up the sheets into the washer. Looking around the kitchen I realized that I would be needing to feed my munchkins soon and since it is such a rainy, cold, grey day out what would be better than my daughters favorite homemade chicken and rice soup. I stepped away from the birthday girl for a little while to prepare lunch (she has become my shadow as of late). She tells me she is going to get all of her stuff together for manicures and pedicures for after lunch (doing nails and hair, well anything really girly is what makes her world go round).

About half an hour later I hear her calling my name saying “Momma, Momma! Look what I found in your drawer by your bed. It is a hand massager and it even has a remote!” Lol! Yep, mother of the year right here folks. My newly turned 7 year old is walking around the house with my vibrator wanting to use it as a hand massager when giving out her spa services. Just another day in the life…

“I was a wonderful parent, before I had children.”
–Adele Faber

November 12, 2014

I am currently without a D/s relationship or partner and while I am waiting to meet the right person I find that it is hard to conjure up situations to write about being a submissive. So, I figured I would write about some day to day activities going on in this crazy house to keep the writing flowing (which is one of my favorite past times) and to still interact with people.

This morning has been eventful and it is just now lunch time….I have an exam today and planning a birthday party for my youngest who will be turning 7 this Saturday. So in between learning about the GI and Musculoskeletal system so I can one day treat people without causing further injury, I have been loving and aiding along my idea of having a home carnival themed party this Saturday. The weather has been perfect, sunshine, 75 degrees, just the most wonderful fall weather for an outside birthday carnival.

Well, I wake up this morning to winds blowing like crazy and freezing temperatures with a forecast of rain and even colder temperatures on Saturday. Yay for having already sent out all the invitations and having the guest list confirmed so no changing the party to another venue.

I now need a Xanax and a glass of wine to calm the major panic attack I am having while still needing to take a test today which I have no interest in now since all of my guest will be infected with the flu or pneumonia after I subject them to the freezing temperatures and outside games at the birthday party. Time to cancel the big bouncy house and run to the home improvement store and buy all the heaters they have in stock in Louisiana. Now where did I put all of the cold and flu medicine in the house, I can give them out as party favors, right?

“We can’t plan life. All we can do is be available for it.”
–Lauryn Hill