Public Displays

How do you feel about public displays of affection? Discipline? Play?

I enjoy public displays of affection. I like to express myself, my feelings, and feel loved when they are returned to me. I don’t mean inappropriate amounts of affection that to me feels like someone is trying too hard. I just like to let the person I am with know how happy I am to be with them which can be shared with a look of bedroom eyes, soft touches, kisses, hand holding, or even as simple as fingertips running down a back or arm.

I have never been disciplined in public but I can say it doesn’t sound like something that would be to my liking. When I think of being disciplined I don’t imagine a happy place. I am not into public humiliation. With all that being said I trust that He would know my limits and act accordingly. I would take whatever punishment was given to me in public or in private and let Him know if it was going too far beyond what I could handle so we could talk about it. I would never just say “no” without at least trying and trusting Him.

I like to push the limits with “playing” in public. I am not one who would enjoy being on a stage while everyone watches us but doing naughty things in public turns me on. I like having a secret, something so special and exciting that only He and I are sharing in. I become enthralled with the idea of what He is doing to me or demanding from me while strangers are so close and oblivious to what is going on. I get caught up in the thrill of maybe getting caught and having to obey His wishes while maintaining control as best as I possibly can to not give us away.

I would venture to say that I enjoy being with Him and doing whatever is demanded of me. Whether it is for pleasure or discipline, the thought of all this occurring in a public space makes it that much more, because it would be with Him and that is really all that matters in the end…

“One must do violence to the object of one’s desire; when it surrenders, the pleasure is greater.”

–Marquis De Sade

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